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  •  goodness not just her all the dead teachers (16+ / 0-)

    were heroic, some equally so in the least.

    I find myself in odd position, sorry, of pushing back against this

    People grieve differently> V. Soto's cousin, I think with the backing of her family, as out on interviews early and often talking about what the police told them of how V. died. The other famlies did not come out right away. It's fine he did that but the press, starving for dramatic news, really spread this one, nearly exclusively for quite a while. It helped that she was beautiful and young, as well.

    There were four? teachers that died and the principal and the school psychologist as well.

    one died lunging at the gunman
    another died craddling a dying child in her arms
    At least TWO familes were told by the police that their loved one shielded children with their body. Not just Ms. Soto.

    I am sure it is not your intent so bring it to your attention. I feel at this point WHENEVER anyone singles out ONLY Vicki Soto it puts down what the other women did. Even the ones that survived..

    They locked down their kids
    They remained calm and strong in the face of tremendous fear and stress, and put the children first
    they told them they loved them
    they said they'd be fine wait for the good guys....all the while being sure they were about to die, they said.
    one teacher held the closet door closed with bare hands while the shooter banged on other door "let me in"

    The principal and psychologist ran TOWARD the shooter, the principal LUNGED at him for the gun, reportedly the people in their meeting who hid under the table/desk lived but not these women who ran after the shooter.

    Please just tell stories of all the brave ones rather than singling only one out for praise

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