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    which is where I'm logged in at but wanted to leave a note, too, to say your thoughts resonate here (with me that is) as well. What I do know is that the issue of race in America is very complicated for a number of reasons. I actually prefer to keep it "personal" since for me that's where the only change that I can try to honestly assess must reside, or even if I can't totally honestly assess progress, it is the place where progress must take place--in me. That's difficult too since I can be either too critical of my black brothers' and sisters' insensitivity to my "progress" or elevated consciousness or too critical of my white brothers' and sisters' slowness to become as elevated as I think I am or so trapped in their retrograde thinking. That is, my perceptions of others' progress or lack thereof skew or get skewed by my own sensitivity toward others' appreciation of my progress (as I see it) on conciousness of racial issues, if that makes sense. The issue is so rooted in identity for Americans in part because of history (that which we share which contains so much pain and that which we'd like to heal over so that actual "relationship," if it possible, becomes possible). It takes effort, more than a lot of people might be willing to expend even on their most intimate relationships. You are getting into core discussion for what I agree with you is probably the most important issue for this country if it ever to truly progress socially, economically, intellectually and spiritually to its potential. And discussion of race probably can't really be separated from the economy as one of the most important issues in this country. They, the "issues," are as inextricably linked as we are, I believe, which also helps to complicate discussion, too. I did mention "race card playing,' by the way, in one of my few diaries here ( I'm pretty new here. Not self-promoting, but the post didn't really get legs and I would love to hear anyone's thoughts. Enjoy your day. Peace to all.

    I discover myself on the verge of a usual mistake. ― Walt Whitman, Song of Myself

    by dannyboy1 on Thu Dec 20, 2012 at 11:53:43 AM PST

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