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  •  back from South Africa (9+ / 0-)

    Hey, fellow night owls.  As some of you may remember, I was gone for a few weeks in South Africa, and just got back. It was a great trip.

    Photos are here at Flickr:

    There are about 500 photos, from Kruger Park, the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg, the Tswaing meteor impact crater, the Sterkfontein cave where early hominid fossils were found, and other places. Saw everything from lion and leopard to scorpion and dung beetle. I'll tell you--seeing an elephant in a zoo is one thing, but seeing a herd of wild elephant crossing the African veldt at sunset is an entirely different thing altogether.  It was wonderful.

    Another cool thing that happened: during our visit to Tswaing, my South African friend Brian found what he thought was a stone age flake tool.  Since I have done a little bit of flint-knapping myself, I was able to find a percussion bulb and a conchoidal fracture pattern, and agreed with him that it was probably a stone tool.  So we sent photos of it to an archaeologist friend of ours in London and he confirmed it's a Late Stone Age scraper, probably dating to around 3,000 BC. (Sadly it was lying loose on the surface in an area that has been dug up for salt mining over a long period of time, and thus has no archaeological context or scientific usefulness.)

    •  Dear Lenny (0+ / 0-)

      sounds like you had a great trip.

      I'm a dailykos agitator !

      I'm wondering why you haven't subscribed ?

      You have been around for a long time
      you've wrote 49 post
      made 15,654 comments.

      the community needs your support !


      I won't put you on the need list seeings how you can travel to Africa.

      •  ok, ok, you guilted me into it ;) (2+ / 0-)
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        OLinda, eeff

        Just subbed.


        •  You're a nice person, Lenny. (0+ / 0-)

          Something about this didn't sit right with me. I hope it doesn't start a trend of people watching for posts that sound a little expensive and then checking to see if the person has subscribed.

          •  the trip actually wasn't that expensive . . . (1+ / 0-)
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            I have friends in South Africa who invited me to stay with them and acted as my guides, so the only real expense I had was the plane ticket there.

            •  Yes, (0+ / 0-)

              another reason it doesn't sit right with me. There are often unknown circumstances, and a person shouldn't have to explain if they don't want to or can't buy a sub.

              You may know this, but now that you're a subscriber, you have access to all of the photos uploaded into the community image library. You can use them in your diaries. You can also upload your own photos.

              There are free e-books including Kos's American Taliban and Hunter's Chronicles of Mitt that you can download by going to your profile page. On the 2nd menu line, there is a "downloads" link.

              Also, of course the main thing is you don't have to see ads. If you want to see them, you now have a Show Ads link in your Welcome Back box.  It will toggle between Show Ads and Hide Ads. If you ever start seeing ads and wonder what's up since you are a subscriber, check to see if that link has toggled. You may just need to click Hide Ads.

              •  Hi (0+ / 0-)

                last year & now I've been mining names looking for people that contribute to the community & putting their names on the list.

                that is the first time I did this .
                I even asked navajo if it was wrong for me to do that when I put up 7 more names this morning.

                •  Hi (0+ / 0-)

                  I disagree with you and navajo because I think it is wrong to try to shame or guilt someone into buying a sub if they post something that to you sounds expensive.

                  It is explained above, and in Lenny's case too, that you can't really know anyone's personal situation. They shouldn't be put in a position to have to explain their finances to you or look bad in front of their fellow bloggers for not buying a sub. Just my opinion, eeff.

        •  Thanks (0+ / 0-)

          the community will gain for your contribution

    •  btw, the effects of apartheid can still be seen (1+ / 0-)
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      Everywhere one goes, but particularly in the tourist areas, one sees white people being served by non-white people.

      Of course, one still sees that in the US, too.

      The US and South Africa are a lot alike.  Overt racism is rare, but it's ever-present, just below the surface.

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