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  •  MI Schools Cancel Classes Due to potential threats (8+ / 0-)

    ...and end of world rumors."  

    ...Nearly a dozen school districts in Michigan have decided to cancel classes for the rest of the week.

    It has nothing to do with the weather. School leaders say rumors about the end of the world and potential threats of violence are partially behind the cancellations...


    •  we all know that there's only one way... (5+ / 0-)

      to stop people from making threats against schools: more guns everywhere.

      Because it was video games and movies that enabled the killer to put 3-11 shots in 20 kids in 10 minutes and not an assault weapon. Besides, there are already 300,000 million guns in the country, so we can decrease the likelihood that criminals will get there hands on assault weapons by making even more of them, but really, sacrificing legal access to a weapon, that no decent hunter would be caught with and is shit for self-defense, and high-capacity clips really isn't worth taking away the MOST OBVIOUS OPTION available to someone who would ever think of putting 3-11 shots in 20 kids in 10 minutes. Just remember that he never got that idea from actually shooting a weapon that can do that--he got it from video games or Asperger's or wtf ever needs to be said so that we stop talking about the ONE THING that enabled the slaughter of children.

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