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  •  Since you're new to the site, I'll point out a (4+ / 0-)

    few things.

    You might think that some of your comments have 'disappeared'.  They have not, but have merely been hidden from casual viewers, who haven't built up to 'trusted user' status.  The reason they've been hidden is that 'trusted users' from among the site population have deemed them inappropriate for casual view, under what is colloquially known as the 'DBAD' or 'Don't Be a Dick' rule.

    DBAD generally means it's a bad idea to toss around insults aimed at other site users in general, or more specifically question the intelligence or moral character of other site users.

    There aren't a lot of hard and fast rules to the site, so if you want to stay a member, try and avoid that one, as well as using sexist, racist, or homophobic commentary or anti-semitism.  Other than those, the two big site "no-no's" are putting forth conspiracy theories and advocating for third parties or non-Democratic candidates in races in which Democratic candidates are running.

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