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View Diary: Daily Kos/PPP Poll: NRA and GOP grossly out-of-step with America ... including Republicans (235 comments)

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    Western shooters use two models based on an 1873 design for the most part.  The modern equivalent is the Ruger Vaquero.  They use reproduction rifles based on designs from 1873, 1892 and 1894.  Their shotguns are old double barrels or pump Winchesters based on the 1897 design.

    For more info, go to youtube and watch 'cowboy action shooting".  For the fastest men and women, look at 'cowboy action shooting world records".

    This is probably the largest shooting group out there almost every weekend.  Something like 50,000 members and 10,000 very active shooters.  Shotgun shooters are a MUCH larger group of shooters, but they only use shotguns of course (skeet, trap, etc.)

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