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  •  Sandy Hook is more than about gun violence (8+ / 0-)

    It is about public policy.  It is about the choices that have been made in the forty years that have slowly made our country less secure, poorer in spirit and wealth (relatively and absolutely in terms of our poor - be they working or not), less able to educate its people and living in the midst of infrastrucutre that is crumbling.  Maybe we have not yet begun to eat our seed corn but we are close.  Sandy Hook is about public policy having consequences.  About living in fantasy leading to real death and destruction and trauma.  Sandy Hook is about how the youngest and most vulnerable and most beautiful or our people, and their teachers, senselessly died so that our gun fetishists could masturbate, our rich could be wealthier beyond any reasonable requirements, our defense contractors can party while not actually helping our soldiers with relevant and functioning equipment,   our seniors can face huge insecurity and face the reality that for many their twilight years will not be dignified or will be a burden on their families, our minority youth will be victimized again and again by a drug war rather than empowered by investment and care.  How much damage has this Republican Party, and its enablers and week kneed enablers int he Democratic Party,  done to our country?  Is it irreperable beyond the ruination already visited on millions of Americans?   President Obama and Democrats - you are needed on the bridge to lead and steer, not to dither.

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