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    Let us also stand up and demand better mental health services so that all who need counseling, for any reason, have someone to talk to.

    Let us stand up and demand that all anti-depressants and other psychotropic medications be rigoursly tested by a neutral third party before they go to market. The drug companies are not doing a good job of self-policing themselves and while many have been helped, even those whose mental health has improved pay a price in other health issue from side effects.

    Let's pay attention to what others are saying around us. It is said that the Newtown shooter openly wrote about his intent to attack the school on social media. Don't wait for a government agency to intervene. If someone you know speaks of committing acts of violence against themselves or others, take them seriously encourage them to seek help and in cases where there are threats of violence against others, report it. Too often, people making these threats act on them.

    Finally, let us work to remove the stigma from mental illness. The moral judgments made against the mentally ill only serve to keep the mentally ill isolated and untreated.

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