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View Diary: I was a victim of gun violence just this morning. (95 comments)

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  •  I have sympathy for the dog (5+ / 0-)

    having those owners. And I agree. If one came after my dog I don't know what I would do. But I would hope I might check to see who or what was around me. This neighbor did not.

    Kos is Kind, Smart and Important.

    by Stop Pandering on Wed Dec 19, 2012 at 08:08:56 PM PST

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    •  I understand your sympathy (5+ / 0-)

      a little. But a large majority of these pit bulls, american bulldogs, etc., are defective and not honest. I know lots of people advocate for them, but by and large there is a large percentage of them out there that have no business existing. If you can't control them or accurately predict their behavior in any given situation, they should be put down.

      Supplant your neighbor's dog, with a child. In that equation you can understand why he wouldn't check first.  Dogs are part of the family.

    •  ironically... (3+ / 0-)
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      concealed carry advocates would consider this a good reason for concealed carry- protecting yourself and your dog.  A loose pit bull on the attack is a not safe situation for a dog owner walking their dog- or a runner.  People have died or been significantly mauled in that situation- I know of two personally-that is why there are leash laws.  The pit bull may have been attacking others over a period of time and caused the dog owner to walk out armed in this fashion.  Missing from your story is a sense of the location- rural, urban- sidewalks or on the side of the road?  I suspect this neighbor will not be charged although you should probably ask that your car is repaired- you deserve to be made whole from this action.

      It is the reality of shooting that there are ricochets and missed shots that cause damage.  Collateral damage is real too.  That is why shooting in cities is so dangerous.  And shooting fighting dogs is a particularly dangerous situation.

      Despite the large number of good pit bulls, there is no denying the specific pit bull in this story was a menace.  If I am out walking and see any stray dog I am very cautious and my husband has been known to carry a walking stick to chase off threatening dogs.  It is very important to be aggressive before they attack and to inform yourself of what to do to avoid dog attacks.    

      You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you mad. Aldous Huxley

      by murrayewv on Thu Dec 20, 2012 at 04:43:18 AM PST

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      •  Is it just that this was a (0+ / 0-)

        [presumably suburban] neighborhood with probable gun discharge restrictions that the guy is being charged? I ask because I live way, way out in the boonies. We have dogs, cats, ducks, goats and grandchildren who visit often. Hunters abandon their starving hounds in the forest every hunting season, and those starving hounds will kill and eat anything that moves. We have had to shoot more than one, and also occasional rabid coons or skunks.

        Never thought twice about it, given that we are protecting our property, livestock, pets and persons. But since there is no 'neighborhood' and no police force, if it were illegal to shoot an attacking or rabid animal we'd never know about it. I've always thought attacking and/or rabid animals were an excellent reason to HAVE a gun.

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