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  •  Thank you for this- (25+ / 0-)

    My father in law, lost his leg in those trenches in France.  He was drafted; his very unhappy face is still shown in a picture in a county courthouse in WVa, with about 24 others from the area.

    He was shot in one of those trenches and left for dead.  The Germans came through with their horse carts, throwing the bodies into them.  Somehow, he came too, and managed a groan.  The German's took him to a field hospital, and a German doctor cleaned up his damaged leg with an amputation.  He was traded in some sort of prisoner exchange and ended up at Walter Reed.  

    Then he was sent to Iowa, to learn a trade, but in WVa there were no jobs for the able bodied, let alone one with only one leg.  Plus his father kept badgering him to come home and help on the family farm, and so he left the college early.  His father was mad at the son for getting injured!  Can you imagine?

    We were in France last May (went to Monet's Garden & Mt Sant Michael), and we both are looking forward to returning.  I think it will be good for Mr PinHole to see these places, and see how the French have kept those who made the sacrifices in a place of honor.  Thank you for the diary and the pix.

    When I met this man in 1965, I remembered thinking back to the 'reasons' for WW I as presented in my high school history class, and thinking how idiotic so many had suffered for the egos of a few.  Of course this was the time that the Vietnam War was cranking up, and I found that just as pointless.  

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