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  •  A very good and insightful diary, but the Patton (6+ / 0-)

    quote missed the point about fixed fortifications. I have to differ with Old Blood and Guts. The essential point of fixed fortifications (going back at least to Vauban) is not to absolutely stop the enemy, but rather to extract a price and delay advances. For example, under Louis XIV Vauban's defenses slowed down French opposition long enough to negotiate a tolerable peace for the French. Similarly, I'd say the Atlantic Wall was moderately successful for the Germans since it probably delayed the Normandy invasion since the Anglo-Americans had to build up sufficent forces, devise innovations (like the Mulberrys) and gain dominance in air and sea.

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    by TofG on Fri Dec 21, 2012 at 05:39:31 AM PST

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