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    Jay C

    I didn't really try to translate that term, as in the French army of that time it was (and still is) perceived as colonial infantry troops (#2 definition) !
    A good movie in the WWII version would be "Days of Glory" in 2006 ("Indigènes" in french)!

    Still in WW1, most of them were used as cannon fodder even though they often were very good soldiers, even when decimated by the cold winters and the very scarce equipment they had (as the others anyhow)!

    Relating to other posts, I'm old enough to have had a grandfather at WW1's "Chemin des Dames", and a father in a "Infantrie coloniale de marine" corps "caught arms in hand" with the remnants of his unit in the black forest (Germany) in 1939...

    Sure for the next generation (my children) WW1 fades a bit, though it's still learned in class and there are many remembrance ceremonies. This year (2012) was the first time when the last "poilu" died of old age and none were left for the Parisian 14th of July...

    Times flow, and after three major wars with Germany the next generation works on Europe and behind the economics (good or bad), it's those wars and those useless deaths that bonds our countries...

    "What can I do, What can I write, Against the fall of Night" A.E. Housman

    by Margouillat on Fri Dec 21, 2012 at 04:39:32 PM PST

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