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View Diary: Uncomfortable: Some questions for African-American Kossacks (89 comments)

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  •  I'm not AA, and wouldn't use (6+ / 0-)

    some of the comments the diarist mentioned--
    I guess because of an old-fashioned respect for the Office.
    [and i'm generally somewhat of a smart-ass,
    but after all, we're talking the highest office in the land, here.]

    So altho I don't necessarily agree with the tone or words
    of some of those comments, I don't think that they are
    being used in any racial way, but rather out of a complete
    disagreement with some recent possible decisions
    that are being viewed as unnecessary and unwise capitulations.

    But the comments don't feel "racial" to me.
    People are just pissed off, and using less-than-ideal
    terminology to express that.
    If President Obama were a blue-eyed blond whose parents
    came over on the Mayflower, we'd be hearing those same
    kinds of comments.

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