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    in a public school for a long time.  Every morning children are led in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, which teaches them that their government and the adults around them all agree there is a "God" that we all operater "under".  As this is a daily exercise, the existence of a "God" is drummed into their little heads. So "God" is there, Mr. Huckabee, and "He" is invited into each classroom every day.

    Anyone who stops and thinks about this act taking place in a public school on a daily basis has to recognize that Michael Newdow is correct-  this is a huge violation of separation of church and state.  It is not the government's role, or the role of public schools to make a theological statement about the existence of any deity. But there it is everywhere you look.... even on our currency.  

    Anyone who is a proponent of separation of church and state should be speaking to this and challenging it every chance they get, no matter what the Surpreme Court or our no guts Congress says.

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