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View Diary: Why Can't We Have "Inverse-Amish" Communities That are Hyper-Scientific and Technological? (95 comments)

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  •  Much simpler time. (0+ / 0-)

    I also doubt the Nigerians have the same society that we do or the technological sophistication wrt to the time period you mention. You are describing a very agrarian society.

    If we could make the newest techs without capital intensive equipment, then I'm sure an inverse-Amish tech town would be more than doable.

    The Amish build/grow almost everything themselves - at least that was the impression I got from a documentary I watched in high school. Where they need money to buy the other things they can't make, they will produce goods to sell on the market. Amish-made noodles, furniture and things like that are pretty common in Michigan.

    Ever wondered what it takes to build JUST the CPU in the computer you're using to reply to me?

    Why hello there reality, how are you doing?

    by Future Gazer on Thu Dec 20, 2012 at 01:37:03 PM PST

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