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View Diary: Oxymoronic Phrases 101: The Responsible Gun Owner (83 comments)

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  •  if functionality is the criteria by which we ban (2+ / 0-)
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    johnny wurster, gerrilea

    items and axes and knives are good because they are multi functional while guns are bad because they only exist to kill, I have to ask about how a Naginata style pole ax (hey it is an ax, after all) would fit into this universe?
    Here is some information on the weapon:

    After all there are trigger locks, gun safes and cabinets for guns while a Naginata pole ax is usually a wall-hanger  

    •  Funny you should mention the Nag (3+ / 0-)

      as I know what they are, what they were designed for, and what purpose they had in practice. I have also been trained in how to use one as part of the martial arts I used to practice (in the UK its an extension of Kendo).

      So....first up they are not a pole AXE. They are pole ARMS. A pole AXE is a specific type of pole ARM.

      Second, while I had the wooden bokken equivalent of one in my home, just as I had a wooden bokken two sword variant of the classic sword set, I would never have a real one on my wall as a hangar, just as I didnt have a set of bladed swords. That is sad, and so so cheesy 70s. They should come with a compulsory nylon shirt, flares and a Ron Jeremy mustache.

      The only reason for having a real one would be as a collector style museum piece. Good luck getting a real authentic one out of Japan.

      And of course, nice try at a "Ahhhh but". Note that I said knife and axe. Do you see sword, mace, morning star etc in that list of weapons with more than one purpose? Nope....cos they all have only one as well. Killing. Just like a gun.

      Props mate

      •  so let's define knife and dagger, for example (1+ / 0-)
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        what are the differences?

        As far as pole ax vs pole arm, you will note a wide variance in types of what can be classified as a pole ax

        As far as the decor goes, if you have a display of various types of swords and such, you may have an example of this. But that is not our discussion; what are your feeling regarding for example, a barong vs a butcher knife, since except for the leaf blade they are very similar?

        (BTW again: disclaimer: I have 2 such examples on display. Both are with provenance as to where and when they were obtained by whom and under what circumstances)

        •  Classic deviation technique of the gun lover (1+ / 0-)
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          Start pissy little arguments about definitions of what is a or b, in order to divert the discussion from the main point.

          Jeeze this is as boring as it is meaningless as it is childlike.

          Grow the fuck up.

          •  the point was made that guns only kill (4+ / 0-)
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            Cedwyn, gerrilea, oldpunk, Meteor Blades

            while other items such as knives have other purposes, which is not necessarily true, such as in the case of a kaskara or tulwar.  In these cases, they were made solely as killing weapons so the question is if guns should be banned, should not certain edged weapons be banned and if not, why?

            I guess I could point out a classic technique for gun opponents is to accuse their opposition of obfuscation when the argument is simply extrapolated to its logical limits

          •  As compared with this ridiculous diary, you mean? (1+ / 0-)
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            The basic premise herein is that we are all just a nudge away from insanity and murderous behavior. Ten years of martial arts training, including training in knife fighting, means that if I lose my mind somebody had better have removed all the paring knives in the house.

            Don't tell me what you believe, show me what you do and I will tell you what you believe.

            by Meteor Blades on Thu Dec 20, 2012 at 05:48:01 PM PST

            [ Parent ]

            •  So Meteor you disagree (0+ / 0-)

              You disagree with the mountain of psych and medical research showing that it doesn't really take much sometimes to cause the human mind to snap. And that when that does happen it is possible the person acts totally out of character, possibly with lethal results?

              Or similar research carried out by the FBI and universities like Harvard?

              And you presumably thus disagree that the defense in both US and UK courts of "temporary insanity" has any standing. One that has been judicially accepted for over 100 years?

              You also seem to disagree with the large segment of the US gun death stats each year - that 30,000 per year across all categories - that involve suicide and murder/suicide....y know like that football player who went batshit and shot his girlfriend then himself.

              Or has your vaunted martial arts training turned you into some sort of mental ubermensch, invulnerable to all outside duress, stress, and influence? Are you asserting that people with martial arts training never go batshit crazy and harm others?

              Simply saying you disagree with the logic chain does not address the assertion. The ball is still with you sir.

          •  Go easy mate (0+ / 0-)

            at least he made a point rather than just chucking a teddy and sniping/throwing abuse


            claiming that the commenter is some form of mental ubermensch who will never, under any circumstances ever, snap and do something out of character

            and anyway - I find the blades discussion interesting.

        •  Awww mate (0+ / 0-)

          come on....fess up.... no katana set I hope. Man they is soooooo cheeze.

          With Japanese weapons I just dont like the repros....unless they are the real deal high end properly forged ones they look sooooo bad.

          Mate a knife is a knife. When back in the UK I go camping with the lads. Now my mate uses a Puma (?) camping knife, another uses a classic small blade bowie style classic woodsmans hunting knife, me I use a bamboo leaf blade kukri (thats the longer bladed variant). One of us usually has a woodsmans axe for the big chopping work....maybe in the US you call them hatchets or ranger style tomahawks, not the big sodding lumberjack things.

          Having wall displays is just a matter of taste bro. I have mates back home who are serious sword nuts (western weapons) and have largeish collections. Not my thing but some of their stuff is top quality or the real deal. I just dont like it.

          Barongs to me are like the Malay weapons just across the border from me.....look sort of odd and unweildy, but Im sure in a trained hand are just as comfortable as my kukri is to me. I guess if I tried cutting with one youd need the red cross box handy.

          For home defence may I recommend a foot and a half of mahogany truncheon? In the close confines of my darkened home, full of corners and doorways, when Im the one on familiar ground Id happily face down a gun wielding burglar any day.

          Me and several thousand British bobbies agree on that.

          •  mine have provenance for being WWII captures (1+ / 0-)
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            if that is a concern; that is a good reason for avoiding Ebay and such sites and going through reputable auction houses.

            Now for home defense I do have a re-purposed ewisa which I use for a cane but I fear I am not robust enough after a few CVAs to mount a credible threat.  I do have a couple of seme on the wall and a couple of machetes out in the truck, if there is a difference between them.  However if we are discussing home defense, a firearm is the most credible solution for me, if in a given situation, I am unable to retreat. (and I do have a "safe" room)

            I believe I do prefer the barong to the kukri but that is an artistic judgement as I prefer a "primitive" aesthetic as opposed to a more finished look as provided by the kukri I do own.  I believe we can agree on the importance of repros vs originals which is why provenance is so important and why ex museum pieces are worth a premium (which is also true for some other items I have an interest in)

          •  I forgot to note that with Japanese WWII swords (1+ / 0-)
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            you have the classical Samurai swords and the formal dress swords which are more European in appearance.  The other problem is that swords made towards the end of the war are not of the same quality as those made in the late 1930's and those mass produced for the military does not measure up to those which were heirlooms and date back to the earlier periods
            Sites such as this can be of assistance:

            •  Interesting (0+ / 0-)

              Is the war trophy a standard mass produced officers "katana", a post Meji Restoration proper folded steel blade, a post Meji western style sabre dress sword, or a full on antique blade with a provenance mark on its tang? A family sword carried into battle by a name samurai family?

              The latter would, to me, be a real treasure to find.

              •  I agree and we could have an interesting (0+ / 0-)

                conversation over a pint sometime.  The swords I can afford, which are $200-$500 are the mass produced.  An heirloom starts at about $1000 and goes to $5000 though one, such as one from a Japanese admiral on auction lately, went for $20,000.  

                Here are some auctions if you are interested, with the hammer price

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