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  •  No mate, Bob's not your uncle. (5+ / 0-)
    I'm an English ex-pat living in Thailand, a long term US watcher, full time atheist, and .... ah who cares. Lets have a beer and talk this over ;-)
    What is it about the glitter of south east asia that aging Brit males find so tempting?

    If you're in Thailand, and a citizen of the UK, what's it any of your business what goes on in the USA?

    Your lot is keen on telling us to: "Sod off! you Yanks can keep your nose out from under the tent".
    I believe we were extensively blamed for the blare coming out of certain PM.

    However - you're a valid arbiter of all things American?


    •  Hmmmmmm (0+ / 0-)

      What is it about the glitter of south east asia that aging Brit males find so tempting?

      The inference being of course I live where I live because I am addicted to the sex trade?

      I run the country office of an international consultancy who work all over the world.

      I choose to reside here full time because I hate the weather in the UK and I find Thai people to be generally a lot more laid back and friendly than those in my own country.

      And while I do have a couple of Brit ex pat mates, most I know come from all across Europe and the USA. Read my other diaries dimwit. I just lost one of my best mates - a proud and good American and war veteran.

      And as to why I get to comment on US society and politics? Well maybe it is because the USA may not have an actual empire, but it most definitely has a soft cultural empire, and its politics effect us all in one way or another.

      Yours is the same old flag wrapped patriot cack of the Know Nothings.

      And Bollocks to that.

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