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    happy camper, AoT

    I really think that having the home inspector check for guns would be a bit of a non starter what with them not being law enforcement and all, but the other examples you give gun found as part of a warranted search I can see being a possibility.  That brings us to the the obvious follow up...

    What is the penalty? remember there are States that do not require a license for gun ownership so having an "unlicensed" gun in the home is not a crime.  So what do you propose is the punishment for ownership of an uninsured gun?  no other crime simple possession of and uninsured gun? is it a misdemeanor or a felony?  What happens if I am just a couple of days late on my insurance premiums?  what happens if the police have reasonable suspicion that there may be an uninsured gun in the home, do they have the right to enter the home to collect the weapon?  it becomes farcical after a while, the problem is you only have to look at the way the "War on Drugs" has morphed into a multi headed hydra to realize that unintended consequences result from well intended actions.

    there is only one reality, republicans just forget at times

    by Bloke on Thu Dec 20, 2012 at 07:23:59 AM PST

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