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  •  Maybe you should have said something within RKBA (2+ / 0-)
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    tytalus, Debby

    Because you're one of the more reasonable members. So instead it was the extremists doing the talking "for" you guys, and that didn't help the perception of how others see the group as a whole.

    Newtown shocked everyone.  I can understand taking a low profile but this is the time to push for a different group culture.  Where it was beforehand was not healthy on DKos, as it was the social equivalent of a bunch of yahoos walking into various saloons and shooting into the ceiling because they can and who's gonna stop us, you and what army huh?

    If anyone should be offering solutions to avoiding more Newtowns it's you guys.  There's too much "this won't work" and not enough "how about this instead?"

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