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View Diary: Kerry Magro: I'm Autistic: Please Don't Fear Me... (8 comments)

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  •  Day after day of heartbreak anymore. (3+ / 0-)

    Last Friday, everyone's heart broke. Some are seemingly more "back to normal" or at least in the "new normal" than I am. Meanwhile, my heart is continuing to break... for those kids and their families, and for families like mine and Kerry's. My son has autism. Yesterday, he had one of the worst meltdowns of his school career in his computer class. I am so, so worried that where there was once compassion and understanding for his differences before, that his behavior will begin to be greeted with the sneering eye of suspicion. Will he be "the next one," I imagine classmates and neighbors thinking. God... it's gutting me. The whole thing. Wave upon wave of grief.

    Thanks, Kerry, for giving voice for people with autism like my son, who unfortunately lacks the ability to speak so well. I fear that the less educated among us will begin to shun ASD individuals more than ever before... and we all know that's the path to even more disaster. More isolation, more building anger, less help. I have never more hoped to be wrong.

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