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View Diary: Whose Back To Bear The Burden? (11 comments)

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  •  Obama needs to explain himself (4+ / 0-)

    to those this recent proposal has bearing the burden

    elderly and disabled.

    to those who post that we "just want to feel betrayed"...try  crawling into our shoes knowing that the cuts to our very existance (more elders own their own home outright than disabled peopple, and have no rent or morgage which takes up the bulk of a SS/SSDI check) have been made.

    Because people who live so close to the bone can afford to loose NOTHING. Even ten dollars makes a difference per month.

    We get our cut directl juxtiposed to continued funding of the 250-400K tax cut yet we know those people likely can bare the "loss" of the tax cut much more easily than we can. We doubt that their lifestyle would change. If it did, it would not change in the life and death stuff that it does for us...heat food shelter medicine. Because those are the only things we can afford. We don't buy for pleasure...we only buy what we need to live. No luxuries such as cable TV or a smart phone for most people on disabilty. Just a pipe dream

    SO Obama needs to explain his offer to us. Why he thinks it was necessary. "caus it seems otherwise I, a disabled person am carrying it all on my back so the very well off can have their tax cut

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