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  •  just an observation since I only visit FB from (1+ / 0-)
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    time to time for a couple of minutes each month; that is the firmly held conviction by many people that the media is firmly in the hands of liberals and hence, no information received is believable.

    I don't quite know how someone operates or makes decisions in a universe where all information sources are false but evidently some folks do.  OTOH it may explain some of their behavior;  It is human nature to prefer the known over the unknown and the familiar to the unfamiliar.  Therefore, without information sources since all are false, this means the present situation, no matter how onerous, is preferable to a new situation because there is no means by which to evaluate it.

    Doesn't solve the problem of how to move such a person towards new ideas and situations (as building a fire under a mule's belly is a very bad idea for moving him) but at least it is a bit more understandable    

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