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  •  Thank you, once again, Ojibwa (6+ / 0-)

    Upon seeing your series above, I had to catch up. I'm originally from the Coastal Salish lands, specifically the Lummi, and grew up with many tribal members in my schools. They haven't had an easy time of it these last 100 years, but their situation is more stable now than it has been for decades.

    The Olympic north coast of Washington is one of my most favorite spots on earth. I spent two years living in Port Angeles while in the Coast Guard, and spent a good portion of that time off the coast, seeing it from the sea as well. It's all beautiful, and the hubbub of life in the Puget Sound area just drops away on the outgoing tide.

    One thing with the canoe article: they were used during the slave raids down 'south' by the Tlingit and Haida (and maybe the Nootka?). The Lummis had very long-term memories of many tribal members taken by the northerners, never to be seen again. IIRC, the raids went until about the 1840's or so, when the increasing numbers of Brits/Americans brought something resembling "law and order" to bear on the region. Any thoughts on this?

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