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View Diary: Romney spent $8.9M of government money on transition (218 comments)

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    From Sen. Kaufman's introductory remarks on the bill:

    [O]ur bill will go a long way in removing the stigma that has historically caused candidates to hide or even delay important transition planning until after election day.

       We all recognize that the first priority of any Presidential campaign is to win the election. I certainly understand why, in the past, candidates have been wary of revealing that they have engaged in pre-election transition planning.

       But we cannot afford to lose critical planning time because of fears that a candidate might be accused by a rival of "measuring the drapes'' prematurely. We must also ensure that incumbents make the necessary preparations in case they lose bids for reelection.

      Candidate transition planning is an act of responsibility, not presumptuousness.

       With the security and domestic policy challenges we face today, it must become the norm for any major party nominee to begin making arrangements for a transition long before election day....

       Presently, candidates must wait until after election day before these resources become available. We know that this is too late, since both campaigns in 2008, and others in recent years, began informal transition planning months in advance.

       Under our bill, salaries for candidates' transition staff, travel expenses, and allowances are funded exclusively by separate funds raised by their campaigns prior to the election.

       Eligible candidates would be authorized to set up a separate account to support these activities. They would be able to transfer money from their campaign accounts into this transition account as well as raise funds separately.

       Those candidates eligible to receive GSA-provided services and access to facilities include major party candidates. Third-party candidates would be eligible if they met the same criteria used by the Commission on Presidential Debates to participate in general election debates.

       The GSA would distribute to candidates a report on modern transitions, including a bibliography of resources. This report would also be released to the public and posted on the Internet to educate the press and public on the importance of early transition planning.

       Of course, under the bill services and information to candidates would be provided on an equal basis and without regard to political affiliation, and they would have to be used only for transition purposes.

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