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    I think many folks here have never been forced to compromise in their lives. I certainly have to just to be in the Democratic party since many of my interests are on the backburner. What's with people downplaying rich powerful interests in this struggle? Holding all the cards against them, yeah right, that's just flat out wrong. I suppose when the next debt ceiling fight comes around, some of you will understand.

    Also how does Obama not own all the details in any deal? The only people who are paying attention to this sausage making are politics wonks like us. It really doesn't matter who proposed what first. So that means people here were expecting to get everything they wanted without any cuts? How does that happen with a GOP controlled house, even after the fiscal cliff?

    They are rabid for some real red meat, ie something that will cause real pain against the people they hate like the poor and minorities. No deal hurts as well. Anyways my point is that while the election was won, it's still going to be a huge struggle considering the power of wealthy interests who hold plenty of cards to work with of their own.

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