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  •  candidate Obama not = president Obama (2+ / 0-)
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    priceman, snoopydawg

    Someone pointed this out a long time ago, but it is worth repeating.

    Candidate Obama is someone who said a lot of things.

    There is someone in the oval office who does not fit the definition of an administrator, hence there is no President Obama.

    Thus, one cannot blame the so called president Obama for what the different person candidate Obama said.

    The logic of this does not really work, but the point is that what the candidate says is not what we got. Or, maybe it is what we wanted to hear and hints were taken to be like a real democrat, but we got a republican.

    he just won an election. he holds all the cards. some of us think that he is doing what he wanted to do all along

    the really big deal in the cliff is the military spending

    no one is going to mess with that

    that may even be a bigger deal than downgrading the debt rating of the whole country

    go over the cliff and let the republicans own up to it

    don't buy into their trap and deal away the new deal

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