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  •  As far as the insults (3+ / 0-)
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    SpecialKinFlag, quill, TracieLynn
    He has no balls. When are we going to retire that one?
    Balls symbolize strength? I digress...
    Comments like that are rightly HR'd routinely. But I'd agree that too many of the less blatant ones of that caliber are not. It's a shame that they're made.

    But, I'm not sure it's fair to throw them into a diary where you're asking people why they think what they think, and it you're serious when you say:

    "Note: This diary is not meant to take one side over the other"

    To me it read as several potshots at people leaning toward going over the cliff slope, then a disclaimer that's a bit hard to believe saying you're not taking sides  -- which to me would make it more difficult to get the honest debate you seem to want.

    Maybe I'm just being defensive, but that was my first take.


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