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View Diary: Switching from Dean to Edwards (43 comments)

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  •  I like Edwards (none)
    Despite his pandering to the Republican sentiments that make him a bit tarnished, I do have a couple of good things to say about him.

    First is his rhetoric about the value of work over wealth and his reminder of the two Americas we live in. Second, his inexperience to me seems to be an asset. If we're going to nominate a sitting senator, the last thing we want is a long-time senator to whom we're giving the nomination because it's owed him. Edwards is worth risking a nomination on in a way that Kerry isn't. Kerry's a "safe" candidate. Edwards is a candidate for these times that call for desperate measures.

    I'm a Dean supporter, but I think that Clark and Edwards also make creative nominee choices in a way that Kerry does not.

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