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View Diary: Rick Scott Refuses to Even Say He'll Stop Selling Guns to Mentally Ill; Soledad Furious (88 comments)

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  •  I have a mentally ill BIL in FL surrounded by guns (4+ / 0-)

    He's sinking deeper into depression daily.  Hardly comes out of his bedroom (where all the weapons are) unless it's to float around the pool, watch football, NASCAR, or hunt.  Can't work, but he can hunt. Won't engage with family who come 1500 miles to see him.

    He considers himself a responsbile gun owner with his arsenal that includes AR15s, AK47s, and every handgun known to man.  My crazy ass sister thinks they're responsible too.  Even though her husband talks of dying while watching FOX News 24/7 and lying a room full of guns.

    This is a man who put a gun to my sister's head 34 years ago and kept her hostage for 2 days while they were high on something.  he finally allowed her to call my parents who went and got her but even then they weren't smart enough to call the damn police.  And a couple of months later a shot gun wedding took place.  They've been together all this time, but she's enabled his idiocy from day one.

    Already had a cousin and a sister in law die from guns in the same county of less than 25k people.  I'm just waiting to hear who's next.

    thank god I left that hellhole.

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