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  •  Winter Weather coming. (32+ / 0-)

    Greetings and salutations, it's winter and it opened up with a blizzard today.  We got around 6 inches - much better than an hour north that got 15.

    When they say it's dangerous to drive, please, for the love of anyone you love, don't drive.  The above link is to a photo of an accident on I80 between Des Moines and Iowa City earlier today.  For this particular photo, look very carefully at the center of the image.  It's what's left of a passenger car between two semi's.

    I do not understand what is so important that you must drive in this weather - a blizzard.  One that's been known to be coming for 2 days.  Plenty of time to rearrange your schedule.  Being a day late is a whole lot better than being mangled.

    The storm is headed east and it wasn't a picnic (well, for me it was, I haven't left the house since about this time yesterday.

    •  Well said... (18+ / 0-)

      I learned my lesson back when we tried desperately to make it home to NW Iowa for Christmas with my two small children(3 & 1) and ended up with my car frozen up in -45 windchill in the middle of a highway in the middle of the nite,in the middle of nowhere....could have been disastorous. We spent Christmas eve in the home of kind people who took us in,and treated us well,but I learned my lesson.

      •  I'm in Cedar Rapids and comparatively speaking (14+ / 0-)

        we got it easy today.  I applaud all the school systems that canceled classes last night for today.  My poor bushes though.... the snow overnight was wet and heavy and the bushes are now bending over, one more than half way over.  On the north side of the evergreen tree, the branches are nearly vertical, pointing down from the weight of the snow.

        But, seriously, if the State Troopers are saying that the roads are really bad, it means it's to dangerous for you that don't have the driving training that they do.

        It that series of photos, there are two cars under a semi.  There's nothing left of either one.  It's a hell of a lot better to be stuck somewhere for an extra day than to take these risks.

        •  I'm a relative newcomer to Marion (7+ / 0-)

          and I'm still trying to understand why, when we have all of the warnings of "travel not advised" and "don't travel unless you absolutely have to", they don't place a travel ban in effect, and threaten arrest if you are out driving when you don't have an emergency (this has happened in bad winter weather in other places I've lived). As it is, the spouse's employer did a slight delay, but expected everyone to show up today, regardless of the warnings from the state level. I suppose some see it as playing with the big leagues, but from my viewpoint it looks stupid.

          •  Where are you from?? (4+ / 0-)

            In case you're not from Iowa - the general thought is y'all are big girls and boys and can determine if you want to take the risk or not.  It's your choice and at the beginning of each winter, you are advised to have an emergency car kit (food, water, blankets, socks, mittens, shovel, sand/kitty litter, charged cell phone) and be prepared to wait a couple of days if you get stuck.

            If it gets bad enough, they will close the highways and interstates.  The closings are usually announced on radio and tv and then some/most/who knows a simple wooden barracaide is put at the top of the on ramps to interstates (I do know that on I90 there are more sturdy, permanent barriers set up - there's NOTHING up there).  It is usually announced on the radio and tv when the DoT pulls its crews off the roads.  It is general knowledge that when the crews are pulled, you are on your own, period.

            When you've been around long enough, you can get an idea of what risks you're willing to take.

            To be honest - 25 years ago, today's storm wouldn't have raised much of an eyebrow and nearly everyone but the most rural areas would be business as usual, or at the most a couple hour delay.  When I was in college (1983-1988) classes were canceled once (there might have been a second, but..) - Thanksgiving of 1986 when a big blizzard blew through the Friday/Saturday of Thanksgiving.  Classes were canceled for Monday after Thanksgiving only, back to 'normal' Tuesday.

            I wouldn't rank today's blizzard in the top 10 for my experience living here.  It's more of a irritant than anything else.

            •  originally from (1+ / 0-)
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              The Ohio River Valley.  And anything there over 6 inches would be a "french toast" emergency (people would be buying milk, eggs, and bread). Storms with more than 20 inches meant everything was shut down for several days, at best - although that generally was because of loss of power due to falling trees, etc.

              It is somewhat amazing how much our family attitudes towards winter weather have changed in the 6 years or so since we relocated :) Now 28 degrees means a polarfleece jacket, and 6-8 inches of snow is worth a shrug of the shoulders.

              •  Most 'storms' warrant a french toast emergency. (1+ / 0-)
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                Mainly because you never know if what the weather guys are saying is what actually happens.  So, it's always better to have a bit of extras around during the winter, just in case, like not letting the gas tank get below half.  Ice storms are a whole nother ball game though.

                You've been here long enough to know what cold really means!!  A former neighbor was from the Denver area and a few years back we hit -26 and had the blizzard thing going.  The kid asked if it was the worst storm I had seen.... No, I've been through worse (-32 and stronger winds).

                Back in the day, it was expected that if you were going to be traveling that you'd call the people at the other end to let them know you were leaving and what route you were planning on taking.  This was so that if you didn't show up in a reasonable amount of time they'd know when to start to worry and try to get help for you.

                Yeah, last night was the first time I pulled out the winter coat.  It hasn't been cold enough for anything heavier than a jacket.

    •  the last time i drove in that (10+ / 0-)

      i was trying to get to my dad's 70'th and last birthday.  we gave up and got a roadside hotel, and emailed dad and stepmom.  

      that was the storm that took down the metrodome.  

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      by jlms qkw on Thu Dec 20, 2012 at 03:07:08 PM PST

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    •  Winter is already here. (3+ / 0-)
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      nchristine, sfbob, weatherdude

      It got down to almost 40 last night!


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      by trumpeter on Thu Dec 20, 2012 at 03:47:28 PM PST

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