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    ORCAS OFF THE COAST: MEETING UP WITH ‘K POD’..a little late with this, sorry, but very cool anyway.

    There was a report that one came up on the beach and bit a seal, then went back in the water, said to be the first known case in North Americas (altho we've all seen them do this on south american beaches)(on the tv), altho my late sister in law swears she watched one chase a seal up thru the surf and flop itself back out to sea...back in the 60's on the long flat beach in santa barbara

    Beach steepness probably has a lot to do with it, the beach near Vandenberg at Point Sal is steep, and remote unlike all the beaches I know of elsewhere on the cali coast: long and flatter), that would be my spot were I a killer whale...and reminds me of the beach in the south american whale/seal videos.
         But I'm not. A killer whale. I had a pod swim about 50' behind me once while I was drifting along on a small catamaran once in a boat race off santa barbara friends were waving at me, I waved back...the pod went behind me, I never heard or saw them, they could have plucked me off and eaten me like a seal.

    'One of them had like a 6' tall fin man, 6'!!!'.

    Grandma, what nice teef you have!'

    They are tracking K Pod, they went south all the way to Point Reyes, then reversed themselves and went back north, today off Cape Blanco.

    Jan 5th in Puget Sound, Jan 17th, Cape Blanco via Point Reyes!!! I couldn't bike that that fast!!! Geez! And that's a motorcycle 'bike'...too many picture stops.

    Follow their tracking HERE...

    Your answers in advance:
    A. yer welcome.
    B. too busy and scattered, ima idjit.
    C. I probably don't know.

    This machine kills Fascists.

    by KenBee on Thu Jan 17, 2013 at 01:18:04 PM PST

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