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  •  and, of course, there's the fact that (6+ / 0-)

    the first time there was any written record of a person named Jesus, not to mention this alleged person's alleged parents,  Mary and Joseph was...more than a hundred years after this person and his family are alleged to have existed.

    The Christmas Story is quite interesting, inspiring even. But a reminder: it is, in fact, a story, with no historical proof whatsoever that is was not completely concocted more than a hundred years after this person was alleged to have lived, then changed, altered and changed again by priests, kings and interpreters of ancient languages that no longer exist.

    It still seems odd to me that this alleged person, Jesus, is the only major alleged "historical" figure in world history...who had absolutely nothing written about him by his contemporaries...and who was only written about...for the first time...more than a hundred years after he died.
    Meaning...everything written about him was based on...hearsay...handed down, second-hand.

    And, as mentioned above, the story was changed, altered, changed again, added to and subtracted from...for political
    and social reasons.

    It's a nice story. With an emphasis on the word "story."

    Same, too, for the entire New Testament, by the way (written by people who lived more than a hundred years after the alleged events depicted in the entire New Testament).

    Like the Bible, however, it is quite inspiring and has some great words of wisdom (along with a lot of unfathomable gibberish, as well).

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