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View Diary: What's next for Boehner? A better deal—or civil war? (396 comments)

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  •  This warfare within the GOP was ... (11+ / 0-)

    ... coming to them as Nov. 7 turned into, Nov. oh god, we lost 8. We could all see it on the horizon, like some crazy dust storm barely in view. But, despite the hoary metaphor, it was still in the abstract then.

    Now we know what it looks like for real and it's ugly and undignified and downright idiotic and I find it tragic and not all that easy to watch.

    Yes, there's some carnival midway fun in seeing them go nuts and bang into each other. And I don't think this is the end of anything except for Boehener's speaker tenure. It's not the apocalypse.

    But, in the long run, it's bad for the country and that means all of us. It's bad governance and it casts a pall over anyone nearby, Dems included. This isn't how it's supposed to work.

    The idiot grin on Cantor's face told it all.

    •  Yeah, I noticed the grin on Cantor's face. He (1+ / 0-)
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      seemed perfectly happy with what happened.  Then again, he always has that same grin plastered on his face, so it might not mean anything.

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