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  •  Oh great, puma talk again. (3+ / 0-)
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    slinkerwink, mightymouse, JesseCW

    Look, I'm also nervous about the chained CPI talk. And so are  Dems of many different stripes. And yes many have been all over the President. But let's put this meme to rest. At times it seems any old excuse will suffice to drag it out again. ( Sorry TofG - just hate to see this because it's divisive and I  was hoping it had gone away.)  I agree that there has been a lot of over the top attacking of the President, but it sure has been a nervous-making process to watch what appear to be giveaways.

    •  We need to talk about this (3+ / 0-)
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      dharmafarmer, mightymouse, JesseCW

      FDR said it himself, when he told people "make me do it". The President has to hear this. He has to know that we know what it means. Sure its divisive, but its never easy saying things people don't want to hear. This is too important. There is too much at stake. We have a duty to speak up. This is not abotu dvisiveness. This is about making the President do the right thing. If it was good enough for FDR, its good enough for the President..

      •  I didn't mean that we shouldn't talk about it. (0+ / 0-)

        I just don't agree with diarist view linking those who are critical of the President to Hilary supporters. That's the meme I'm tired of and find divisive. That's why the word puma was in the title. Yes, I agree that we need to talk, blog, sign petitions, make phone calls, etc. Did a bunch that yesterday and today. I phoned the White House line, emailed WH, phoned Pelosi's office, etc. I think the chained CPI idea is terrible. Sorry if I wasn't clear.

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