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View Diary: Over the cliff I go. Not laughing. (159 comments)

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  •  I have sympathy for your situation (24+ / 0-)

    But I can't see any route to unemployment extension happening.

    The Republicans feel about anything related to the Stimulus of 2009-2010 the same way most people here feel about cutting social security benefits.

    Inaction means they all go away.   They're in an even stronger position on that stuff than the Dems are on Bush tax cuts...because they really don't care about any of it and the Dems do care about the lowest tax bracket and are somewhat fond of the lower taxes up to 250k.

    There isn't any route to 218 house votes for any bill that has unemployment extensions, and there hasn't been for a long time.

    The reason most of us are ok with going off the cliff is everything that CAN pass the house seems worse than the protections carved out in the original sequester agreement.  

    Tax rates and even some tax reform...yeah, we could still get a few R votes and a full D caucus and pass some stuff there.

    Some kind of rejiggering of the sequester cuts?  Maybe but we're unlikely to do as well as we are now (no entitlement benefit cuts, 50% defense cuts).

    Additional stimulus of any kind?  No way.  They're not even going to do AMT or Doc Fix.   No republican has ever even hinted that unemployment extensions are on the table.

    So...sorry.  I really hope those job leads turn into a new position for you.  I don't see how unemployment is going to be there for you after Jan 1.

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