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  •  Thank you for giving us a first person report. (16+ / 0-)

    Anyone who has not read the report that
    was issued by the OMB as required by
    passage of the 'cliff' law last summer
    in response the debt ceiling fiasco
    needs to do so to understand just
    how bad these cuts will hurt so many.

    caution! 394 page pdf file!

    This report is tentative, and subject to revision.
    I take that to mean that it could be worse than
    the scope and depth of program cuts presented.

    There are a lot more than 20 million unemployed
    that will ultimately be touched by these cuts.
    Imagine the reverse ripple effect to our economy
    when these cuts are made to SNAP, WIC, HUD, etc.
    DOE, CDC, NIH, NASA, EPA, BLM, USPS, and yes, DOJ.

    It might be simpler to list those that will not be cut.

    Whoever drafted this report has a very dry gallows
    sense of humor as they listed several pages of cuts
    to congressional offices, programs, and budgets first.

    For your own families and your neighbors
    and nations sake, please, look at the report.
    I guarantee it will numb your minds and eyes, but
    it may open them to what we are all truly facing.
    This is the law already. It goes into effect January 1st.

    Those exclaiming that there should be no negotiations,
    that there are no reasons for any compromise whatsoever,
    have decided that those who disagree "don't care
    about people". We are soon to discover who is correct.

    If you are fortunate to be employed right now,
    how has the business been at your workplace?
    Steady enough to ride out an 8% across the board
    decline in gross receipts or sales? If you add the
    defense spending portion of the sequester into
    the equation, double that percentage. 16%.
    16% of government spending across the board.
    Is your own employment really that secure?
    Is your current private pension or IRA immune from
    how the market responses may effect their value?

    Still wanting to jump off the cliff?

    There is much to consider as I rapidly approach
    my own retirement age. If I am solely dependent
    on SS, as so many are, I will be taking a huge cut
    in my present pay. I see many quoting that $1200
    is the average monthly benefit. My actual projected
    benefit is for some reason, exactly half of that; $600.
    Probably due to low or flat lifetime income base payments.

    I don't blame anyone for my economic conditions,
    even though it seems as if my income has not been
    keeping up with my expenses all my working life.
    Luckily for me, my debt load and living expenses are
    extremely low, though not necessarily by choice.

    I don't make much now. I don't expect riches from SS.
    I still would gladly trade a smaller amount, or a lesser
    increase, in my future benefits, for the relief and rescue
    of those in dire need today. And strive to then repair or
    replace them at a more politically favorable opportunity
    sometime in the very near future if that is even possible.

    As we all know, the current conditions are not tenable.
    Or sustainable. Not politically, economically, or environmentally.

    I trust our president to defend the interests of
    the great majority of his fellow citizens way more
    than i do the judgments of those who are willing
    to sacrifice the survival of their neighbors, such
    as this story's author, and many, many others, now.
    All on the chance that voters will judge harshly,
    for or against, in 2014. Or something sooner?
    Tell me that is not a gamble of immense proportions.  

    That is why I voted for him. Twice.

    There is still some time.
    I expect further developments.
    One way or another, we shall see
    whose judgement and vision prevail,
    and is ultimately proven correct.

    Good luck, Transmission,
    and to all of you, Happy Holidays.
    Thanks for all of your efforts.

    •  Republicans are going to demand steep cuts as a (7+ / 0-)

      way out of the cliff. Deep cuts in the social programs they hate. Food Stamps, UE, welfare, education. Republicans are pitting SS folks against UE folks. Non union workers against union workers. Races against each other. We in the lower classes must stand together. UE must stand for SS. SS must stand for UE. Workers must not be divided against each other.
      And we have to recognize that there Democrats who stand only with the elites. The Democratic party is not the voice of workers. Or poor people. If they were they would fight harder for those interests. Nut many fight for the interests of the elite. Like Wall Street.

      •  The steep cuts are the law already. (0+ / 0-)

        They go into effect January 2nd, (corrected) 2013.
        Unless 8% is not steep for you?

        That was the deal to
        raise the debt limit.
        August 1-2, 2011.

        It was discussed here some.
        I may have missed the details.
        Plus this OMB report was not (PDF)
        released until  this past September.

        Some say it is the better deal.
        I think we can do better.

        Thanks for all of your efforts.

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