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  •  That very few people will understand what you've (10+ / 0-)

    just said or will flick on the cognitive dissonance switch is the main reason that it's gradually become inevitable.

    As we see what's happened and how, we have seen a climax which leads to the end.  The only major player that hasn't entered the picture is climate change and no one will be able to withstand seeing that play out in the early stages which have first begun.

    The only humor that works for these times on the higher level of events is dark, unfortunately.

    One of the incidences that's come to mind strongly lately is Reagan's joke that became a meme about the government's here to help you.  The double meaning there intentional by a neoconservative I wonder, like the acronym OIL for the Iraq invasion?  There seem to be so many of what I can't help but think are intentional ironies if one is on the inside, which very, very few are.

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