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    I have binders full of bests.

    Best game of 2012: Changeling: The Lost

    I didn't expect this. When I read the game book, it seemed kind of silly, honestly. And I didn't like the idea of faeries = alien abductors. But I think we had several things going for us, not the least of which were some long-time players who were willing to rewrite over the course of the chronicle and some killer storytellers. My character changed from an amnesiac abuse victim with no particular connection to anyone in the game to (with the generous help of a player and our lead ST, thanks Jon and Joel, who will never see this comment) a once-abused wife of the Summer King, who became the Winter Queen and whose third child also became a player character.

    I have enjoyed this game so very much it's almost embarrassing. Even the buckets of awful she's gone through have been awesome, from her twins being abused for fifty years by her Fetch to her testing her abusive husband in public to see if he's really changed to the man she fell in love with in game confessing his memory problems and insanity to her. I just hope it continues into 2013, we're voting in mid-January. I'm sure my character has more things to go through, and I'd love much more.

    Best movie we saw in 2012: The Avengers

    We don't see movies that much, and we also saw Skyfall, which was quite an event, but for sheer feel-good, leave the theater grinning entertainment, it's all about Avengers. What other movie would have made me look up schawarma afterward? Exactly.

    Best parade feature in 2012: Gourdon Pumpkinhead

    My husband and I walked several parades for the Dems this year, and everyone agrees the character he played in the parades was magnificent, and he must play it again. Kids, even teens who are supposed to be somewhat blase, cheered when they saw him and announced to each other, "Look! It's a Pumpkinhead!"

    Gourdon Pumpkinhead by Curtis Clegg by ~Windthin on deviantART

    Gourdon Pumpkinhead Before the Parade 4 by *Windthin on deviantART

    Best Surprise of 2012: My Weight Loss

    I honestly didn't think it would work. I got tired of being fat this year, extra tired, and decided to add calorie cutting into my exercise routine. I kept hearing how hard it was to do, though. "Women get hungrier than men do." "Your family will sabotage your weight loss." "It's really hard, and most people just can't do it." Well, I did it. My size twenty white jeans I got from our local K-Mart before they closed in bankruptcy, the ones that even at my fittest before were only slightly loose on me, are very loose.

    I'm not where I want to be, yet, but I did it. I spent months hungry. But I controlled how much I ate for the most part. When I overate one day, I'd eat less the next. I am doing 600 curls per arm five times a day, five days a week, and have added walking into my routine. My bursitis has mostly subsided. I am very, very proud of me.

    Thanks for listening, if you did. :)

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