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View Diary: The Second Amendment: Or, taking up arms against U.S. troops (390 comments)

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    Suppose the Libertarian Socialist party stages a coup and takes over the country. (with apologies to libertarians and socialists).

    And suppose these people you are going on about decide that this is a bad idea.

    Large numbers of them, like large numbers of other Americans, have taken careful note of how Iraqi patriots defended themselves after a foreign regime recently occupied their country.

    First of all, the Libertarian Socialists have a stack of challenges not faced in Iraq, notably that their entire logistics support base, etc. are not inaccessible behind an ocean.  It's all right here.  They need to defend their support base, their newspapers, television stations, bloggers, politicians, families of supporters, etc -- civil wars are really ugly -- from people who are sensibly morally rectifying soft targets, not soldiers.  Does this work?  Read Al-Jazeera English regularly.  Note all the fuel trucks driving up through Pakistan to Afghanistan that simply do not get there.

    Second, the Libertarian Socialists have the little issue that our Armed Forces -- unlike most people on this list, I am prior service, and remember taking the oath -- swear their loyalty to the Constitution, not the the Libertarian Socialist All-Highest of All D.C.*  That means that large numbers of those pretty pictures are not going to being doing what the All-Highest wants, even assuming he does not find cruise missiles coming up the corridors to visit.

    Third, I call your attention to the wise words of Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, he who planned the Pearl Harbor attack, that an invasion of the United States is impossible, because there would be two riflemen behind every blade of grass.  Ignoring the severe desertion and mutiny issues in your highly implausible scenario, attrition and the end of effective recruitment rapidly cut militaries down to size.  For an example, look at the fate of the 1917 Imperial Russian Army.

    Incidentally, all of those pretty toys in your last photo work because they have huge maintenance staffs -- who are not bulletproof -- not to mention enormous spare parts chains, and your parts reliability just ran into issues.  

    It takes very few people to do that.  I am old enough to recall the late Vietnam war period, and the aircraft carrier that was basically taken out of commission for a considerable time by one unknown sailor and one hardened steel tool.  He threw it into the reducing gears, or so report has it.

    I haven't gotten yet to all the people who went through Vietnam, Iraq, etc etc etc who are good liberals, good moderates, etc. who will be happy to supply the military knowledge that other people lack.  

    Civil wars are really ugly, but I have already heard all this 'our military is invincible' stuff from far right groups posturing when the first resistance started in Iraq.  It was supposed to lose in two weeks.  And that was our military shooting at people they could readily depersonalize, not at their fellow Americans.

    No, I think you are massively wrong.  By the way, I could go on at half novel length (I have written several) making the point in far more detail.

    Having said all this, Merry Christmas.

    And for those of you who did not believe that I have written a novel and it is a free Christmas etc etc etc present for anyone who wants a copy.

    *For this title, hat tip to E.E. Smith and the All-Highest of Ancient Eddore.

    We can have change for the better.

    by phillies on Sun Dec 23, 2012 at 06:44:02 PM PST

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