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View Diary: The Second Amendment: Or, taking up arms against U.S. troops (390 comments)

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    which has been almost completely ignored on this site. This is incredibly similar, moreover, to the exact conversation which I had with my spouse on this topic recently. The issue of fearful white militias is no joke. I can think of a few reasons why people own guns, ranging from a desire to protect themselves (this is not uncommon in some urban areas, and I recall a female friend who lived in the Tenderloin armed herself for this reason), to shooting sport as you mention, to hunting, to protecting livestock, all of which really are decent reasons to own guns and why I will never support a ban, only increased regulation and certain restrictions on the type of guns owned, and this very much combined with de-militarization of police, institution of better mental health policies, education, and access, and getting rid of the gun lobbyists. Plus, increasing regulatory oversight of gun manufacturers and importers, and closing various current loopholes which currently exist.  

    But the issue of fearful racist white militias are absolutely real. This breed of gun owner most certainly exists in California, which is a haven for MinuteMen and a few other weird, fringe-y groups who are probably sitting around worshipping at Breivik's altar somewhere as we speak.

    And how do we deal with that? Good question. Great question. I'm glad to see this asked on the front page here. I do also think to Malcolm X's response, and I have to consider that as well in context of this conversation.

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    by mahakali overdrive on Sun Dec 23, 2012 at 08:27:04 PM PST

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