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  •  Lighweight fragile bullets? (1+ / 0-)
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    What, exactly, are you shooting?  Because of the three you mentioned, the weapon MOST likely to NOT be safe (or effective) indoors is the AR.

    By "fragile" I assume you mean most likely to stop inside the target, and to not penetrate walls, floors, ceilings?

    I think you need to read up a bit on the 5.56 boattail bullet dynamics. Unstable, and likely to end up damn near anywhere after it hits something? You bet!  "Fragile"? Not so much.

    The typical 5.56 is a full metal jacket bullet propelled by a charge intended to give it lethal killing power beyond 300 yards.  It has a muzzle velocity of over 3000 ft/sec... over THREE TIMES that of a hot  .38 special pistol round.

    And double "0" shot from a shotgun will not have much force after one layer of dry wall, much less two.

    Soft hollow points are the defacto pistol round of choice for a home defense situation.  They are designed to give up the maximum amount of kinetic energy to the first moderately dense item they hit.  (i.e. Badguy, or  drywall.)

    Hell, in modern construction you might even kill your neighbor inside his house if you shoot your AR inside your house, something almost impossible with the shotgun, and highly unlikely with a pistol firing modern hollow points.

    The LAST weapon I would choose to defend my house with is an AR.   The first? A pump action shotgun.  There's nothing like avoiding a fight in the first place... and that distinctive "ka-chunk" of a pump action... followed by a loud, but polite "Who's there?" (odds are that it's someone you know and love) is going to convince ninety nine percent of the bad guys to go out the way they came in.

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