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    Poppies are pretty much poppies, although the yield of opiates probably varies.

    The poppies in your grandmother's garden or the poppy seeds on your dinner roll contain the opiate building blocks for heroin or morphine.

    It just takes a lot of them - that's why there are huge fields of them in Afghanistan. Of course in the form of heroin, the active chemicals are condensed into a small space, so that a few pounds that can be hidden/smuggled is worth tens of thousands of dollars or more.

    Tens of thousands of dollars of even cheap off-shore-manufactured weapons is in the truckload/container-load category - not quite so easy to conceal. Although pushing the price of illegal weapons up the price of heroin - pound for pound - isn't a bad idea.

    In Soviet Russia, you rob bank. In America, bank robs you.

    by badger on Sun Dec 23, 2012 at 11:09:24 AM PST

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