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View Diary: How to Ban Guns: A step by step, long term process (138 comments)

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  •  This is crazy. (0+ / 0-)

    I thought about mocking this proposal because it is so ridiculous. But the truth is, the idea is dangerous. Let me explain why.

    Do you guys KNOW the politics of most federal agents, troops, police, and sheriff's deputies? Do you honestly think most of THEM are going to do YOUR bidding? Your bidding meaning that of liberals who I would dare say make up the lion's share of the Kos audience.

    Most of these people are Republicans. Most of these people HATE you. And accordingly you would be foolish to try and implement a gun ban with what amounts to YOUR ENEMY being in control of the roundup. Make no mistake, the government will likely NOT be coming after Bubba in the country with the gun rack on his pickup truck. They will probably come after YOU. And probably for your speech and politics and not because of your guns.

    It has always been my opinion that liberals instead of calling for gun bans should be doing the opposite, arming themselves to the teeth with everything they can afford and effectively shoot with accuracy. I know who inhabits all the alphabet agencies. The guys with guns in these agencies are NOT the friends of the Left.

    There are a hundred reasons why this gun confiscation proposal is crazy. But I just gave you, what I think, is the most important one to your readers.

    •  ^^^Racist troll: Obama a "gun grabbing nigger" (0+ / 0-)

      Sometimes racist trolls just fall into your lap.

      I was reading the FP story, "Sunday Talk: The year of living dangerously," which contained a link to the racist tweets of morons who dropped the N-bomb on the president because his speech on Sandy Hook was covered during a football game.  The now infamous tweet stream started, as reported by Deadspin by an Alabama college football player:

      Take that nigger off the tv, we wanna watch football
      This was followed by other tweets along the same line. I was astounded that people posted these tweets with links to their twitter stream and facebook page, including this tweet:
      I'm sorry, cutting into the football game so that gun grabbing nigger can make a political speech? Major fucking...
      When I looked at this person's twitter stream, one of the most recent tweets was:
      Liz Michael ‏@lizmichael

      Just posted to the Daily Kos gun confiscation article below, by me: "I thought about mocking this proposal..

      with a link to this diary in DK and sure enough the idiot's comment is here.

      I'm guessing that this brand new member is not committed to electing more and better Democrats.

      •  And your answer to my statement is? (0+ / 0-)

        Fine you want to drag another thread into the discussion. But answer me this. Is what I said above wrong? Do you think that the Left should promote gun confiscation and give up all their weapons to law enforcement officers who are mostly conservative Republicans? Many of whom are several degrees more racist than I could ever be? Do you think that makes sense? And what happens when the liberals give up all their guns but the conservatives mostly keep theirs in defiance of the law? 1930's Germany happens, and you liberals will be the first ones going to the concentration camps. Which is why I advise you, give up this gun control nonsense, keep your weapons, arm yourselves out of the ass, so that that does not happen to you.

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