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View Diary: Sheriff Beats 4'11" Man With Down's Syndrome -- After Being Told He Has Down's Syndrome. Update. (172 comments)

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  •  sounds to me like that sheriff's deputy could (1+ / 0-)
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    well be in line for a promotion. he showed some smarts there, assaulting a young man who had no possible means of defending himself, if he even had a clue what was going on. definitely reduces (if not eliminates) the possibility of harm to the sheriff's deputy. it's that kind of quick thinking that saves the city the cost of paying out for disability, for the rest of the deputy's life. the guy is a role model to his fellow police officers.

    and no, i expect no adverse repercussions here. the police union will back this guy to the hilt, pointing out that the hoodie was an obvious sign of gang involvement.

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