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  •  as a hunter, I'd say 0% are for hunting even (0+ / 0-)

    though they are advertised in hunting magazines with hunting scenery. People who own them and shoot them a lot take the bolt gun when they go hunting. It's true a follow up shot is a good thing to be able to do but a bolt gun does it almost as fast. Certainly plenty fast enough for an animal that has already been hit. Bolt action hunting rifles usually shoot a bullet that weighs twice as much and is larger diameter. The bullet in AR15s is illegal in my state to hunt as it is too small.

    Mostly scary black guns are sold because they are fun to shoot and look cool.

    One statistic that does make it through is how many murders are committed with hand guns (almost all) and how many are committed with "long guns" which includes shot guns, and all types of rifles including "assault" guns. Long guns all together are a fraction of hand gun homicides.

    Restrictions or registrations on handguns are almost impossible, I'm pretty sure MB has one. People make all kinds of excuses as to why they need one. You start talking about hand guns and you will have a lot of liberals arguing. with you.

    I have no assalt type or handgun, I'm just remarking on the reality of the situation. I see no answers but gun homicide continues to drop in incidence.

    How big is your personal carbon footprint?

    by ban nock on Fri Dec 21, 2012 at 04:15:51 PM PST

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