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    many issues with what you just said (though not with you).  First, I took your phrasing of " both successful and flaunt how attractive she is..." to mean that one precedes the other.  In other words, if a woman is first successful, then it's easier for her to flaunt how attractive she is because she is already established professionally.  If that wasn't what you meant, please just consider it that way because I think that that's how it generally holds true.

    I worked on a study in college.  Several classrooms of Graduate students were given four resumes.  Each were identical in terms of accomplishments - education, experience, references, competence, etc.  Each also had a picture attached.  There was an attractive man, an unattractive man, an attractive woman, and an unattractive woman.  The students were asked to rate the resumes in order of who was most qualified down to who was least qualified.  The order was as follows, with 1 being most qualified and 4 least qualified:

    1. Attractive man
    2. Unattractive man
    3. Unattractive woman
    4. Attractive woman

    When you're young, attractive, female and not established, the work you have to do to be taken seriously is incrementally greater than that of any of your counterparts.  People will "see" you first - your appearance - and draw societal conclusions.  Only after you've persevered and worked and established yourself does being attractive AND successful become a benefit.  That is my personal experience as well.

    SO.  That's a long way of saying that Mika - and me - and my mother and every other professional woman - has a responsibility to other younger women who come up behind us.  Breaking the stereotype - no matter how unfair its existence - is part of that responsibility.  Playing up the appearance angle when a particular woman has SO much more to offer just makes what that woman experienced in her early career (likely, at any rate) more likely to occur to the younger women coming up behind her.

    I don't make the societal norms - but I sure do have to live with them.

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