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  •  My kid really enjoyed Christmas. Just not as much (0+ / 0-)

    as I did when I was a kid. My in-laws would have these huge parties and there would be so much stuff and my nieces and nephews would never even bother to say thank you. My kid would always thank the giver and often she would just get ignored as if no one was interested in her thank you. It was highly stressful. Everything had to be perfect. My electric bill would go up 100 dollars for the month of December. And it was not fun. It stopped being fun after I got married. Because in my family Christmas was low key. And it meant friends and community. One of my favorite Christmas memories was when I delivered the local newspaper. I would have to collect the subscription fee every month and that is how I was paid. Well at Christmas I would get to talk to my subscribers. maybe a hot chocolate. Or some cookies. Always a card. Frequently with a little extra something in the envelope with the card. Or just simply a warm greeting. Who gets that anymore? For one thing the world is too dangerous. For another there are adults that do that job nowadays to feed their families.

    The music and art budgets in school have been so slashed that schools can not do holiday concerts. And so much time is spent teaching the test that there is no room for studying how other cultures celebrate holidays and what those holidays are.

    Of course Christmas has nothing really to do with religion. Of course it has its roots in pagan holidays. In Scotland for centuries it was illegal to celebrate Christmas because it was frowned upon by the Scottish Presbyterian Church. But as a community event and as a real holiday it has lost meaning. Now it is just a excuse for retailers to sell us more stuff. And god help the economy if everyone does not go into debt buying stuff. That might ruin some big box retailer. (Circuit City Montgomery Wards etc).

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