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View Diary: Boehner Plan B Attack On Poor & Middle Class Not Oppressive Enough For GOP Base (7 comments)

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    ...thought a little more:

    The only thing that Boehner and his Republican co-conspirators didn't like about the President's trial balloon about adjusting the CPI for Social Security is that it wasn't Draconian enough. In fact, my guess is that President Obama knew that, since Republicans had been insisting all along that entitlement "reform" must be part of any deal (it was, in fact, the ONLY real requisite Republicans have stuck to during this entire fiscal cliff discussion), that the President would "throw them a bone," with the least palatable option for Republicans, in terms of entitlement adjustments.

    While many people on the left objected pretty strongly, the President's offer to look at adjusting the CPI to meet the Republicans' demand of changes to "entitlements" was, probably, the least the President could offer on that front...and likely to fail.

    It may have served the President's purpose: Of sending the Republicans over the edge, by their childlike petulance at objecting to the one and only thing they had been insisting on...changes to entitlements. (And while there are many on the left who found the whole ideal unpalatable as well...of all of the many possible changes to entitlement programs, this was less Draconian than Republicans wanted.)

    So...what would the President's actual game plan have been if this was a deliberate action intended to cause a virtual nervous breakdown among Congressional Republicans? certainly exposed how truly insane the Republican Party is for those who are incapable of seeing the truth when it stares them in the face. It confirms the latest polls about people thinking Republicans are too extreme (and actually helps to burnish that image). It puts all of the pressure on Boehner and the Republicans.

    And what has the President lost in all of this? far. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. My suspicion is that the President has a "Plan B" of his own to put on the table to give Boehner some kind of way to save face. In fact, by forcing Boehner to try to find a way to "save face," this actually puts him in the weakest imaginable spot possible.

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