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View Diary: President Obama on changing gun laws: 'I can't do it alone. I need your help.' (123 comments)

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    Voting for Obama meant watching TV, reading newspapers, forming and opinion, going out and doing the physical job of voting.  Any or all of that.  For some people, it meant  being on websites like this one, reading online sources, blogs, Facebook, tweets, and so on.  But not all of them.

    Signing an online petition means being able to navigate the web, know where to go, know how to do sign in, log on, sign up -- and not being afraid for your privacy in doing so.

    I'll do that.  My husband won't.  My father and step-mother probably don't know how and trying to walk them through it from halfway across the country (assuming they were interested) would be a nightmare.  So you can't assume that just because millions of people VOTED for Obama that means that millions of people are online and ignoring your petition.

    In addition, how many petitions is yours competing with?  Did you search on "gun control" and "assault weapons" and "guns" and "ammunition" and "high-capacity magazines" and "Second Amendment" and "2nd Amendment" before your wrote your own petition? Are you fragmenting effort rather than helping to gather it?

    Online petitions are a great idea, and I'm glad the President has committed to addressing those that meet a very modest 25,000 signature threshold.  But allowing anyone to submit a petition means a lot of them will vanish without a trace, drowned out by louder, better written, broader, narrower, more persuasive or better publicized competition.  Complaining and suggesting we're all a bunch of indifferent dolts (granted, my words, not yours) is not the way to make friends and influence people -- especially not if you want them to do something for you.

    History should teach humility and prudence, but America doesn't seem to learn. I've never seen a virgin who loses her innocence so often. -- Gordon Wood

    by stormicats on Fri Dec 21, 2012 at 10:27:08 AM PST

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    •  I can't even get my own to come up on a tag (0+ / 0-)

      search.  There were 4 that did come up I signed the ones that weren't insane.  Maybe there is a delay to make sure the petitions aren't insane.  Maybe they have to be vetted.

      But I am thinking there would be lots more chatter if there was the will to do this.

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