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View Diary: Armed Police In Every School Would Cost At Least $5.5 Billion A Year (106 comments)

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  •  The reason your post pissed me off is pretty clear (0+ / 0-)

    As usual, vets are being blamed for something that is the doing of the elected representatives.

    VETERANS are not responsible for this problem nor this suggested solution.

    I am so happy you have been at this for years. Congratulations. Now drop the tired old trope of Veterans being crazed by their service.

    If you are unhappy about the way Veterans "are" when they return from the field, then I suggest you do all you can to improve the services of the VA and make sure that the almighty govt isn't able to find loopholes or otherwise bully us out of any treatment we might need, that is probably ours by right of contract.

    And it would HELP if the quality of treatment were improved. You know a lot of vets will only go to the VA to DIE because they want to spare their family the expense at a hospital.

    You obviously KNOW nothing about what Veterans face regardless, and you blame us for this too.


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